Garbage Disposal Repair in Louisville, KY

A garbage disposal is a giant abyss found in nearly every kitchen sink around the country. Because it's designed to swallow nearly every type of kitchen waste, when it backs up, it is not a pretty situation. As one of the most common kitchen appliances, it also is subject to some of the most common appliance repairs.

Disposals are subject to a variety of problems because anything can fall into the sink. Food or objects may get lodged or disrupt the function of the unit. A garbage disposal may overheat, backup, or stop working all together.

For safety reasons, never stick your hand into the garbage disposal without unplugging the unit and do not attempt to make any repairs without professional instruction. Failure to do this can lead to serious bodily harm.

Many of us take the garbage disposal in our kitchen for granted. Adequately care and maintenance of this small appliance is key to making sure it continues to function, as well as keeping your drains clear and operational to reduce the future need for expensive plumbing repairs.

Before you run out and buy a new garbage disposal, give us a call and let us get you running again.

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